Thursday, April 21, 2011

Weight Watchers update

So despite Longhorn and a birthday party this weekend I actually lost .8lbs this week! I am so excited that I didn't gain. Lessons learned this week: this is going to be harder than I thought! I was so good the first week that I thought- I am going to do this and it's going work and it's not going to be that hard. WRONG! It was hard this week. I really fell back into poor eating habits frighteningly easily. I really have to keep track of every single thing that goes into my mouth. I really need to look up points before I eat something b/c you'd be amazed how bad somethings are for you. I mean cake, ice cream, etc ok I get it but did you know that 1 oz of sunflower seeds is 7 points?!?!??! That's whole meal- for sunflower seeds! realize now that I actually do better at work than at home. I guess b/c at work I am very consious of what goes into my lunch box and I am really good about drinking tons of water but at home it's just me and the boys. They eat ALL day long and i find myself snacking along with them- not good. So I ahve to fight this battle of wanting them to eat but not being able to eat along with them. I guess they need to be eating healthy snacks so we can just have healthy snacks together but boy do those graham crackers look good! Total weight lost- 4lbs in 2 weeks.

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