Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Yarn Along

Well I have made excellent progress on the sweater that I started last week. I have both the front and the back done but now I am thinking I may have to rip about half of each out.... grrr. Somehow I managed to reverse the pattern on the back top portion- which really no one in the world would notice but me so I was just going to leave it but....then I also realized that I think the whole thing is going to be WAY too short on Xander so if I frogged the pattern to fix that then I could add some more length but... that means that I have to frog the front pattern to so I can add more length to the front. And boy was that buttonhole row a pain in the pattoot! Decisions, decisions, decisions..... Well in the meantime I couldn't decide so I casted on a hat for my friend Reba. Her birthday was last month and slacker friend that I am didn't come up with a birthday present for her so last week when she was up visiting I had her pick out a hat pattern (totally the one I had picked for her- yeah me!) so since I am going to visit her this weekend I thought I would give a good old college try to getting the hat done before then! I am using the Bel Cloche pattern by Carina Spencer which is a new one to me. I had a bit of trouble with the repeat at the crown hat required several redos- darn small circumference circular knitting but I muddled though and despite 1 dropped increase along the way it's going pretty well. I'm using some cascade superwash which I like but it certainly isn't as soft as the knitpicks comfy-mmmm still feels like butter in my fingers! I haven't had a ton of time for reading these days. We've been renewing our fetal monitoring coursework at work - have to repeat the advanced fetal monitoring course every 2 years so I have been slogging though that. And in excellent news my application to take the the IBCLC examination this summer finally made it through the audit phase, but that means now I actually have to study so I have started on that as well. I did mange to find time to read through Chloe and Spud though- such a cute book with oh so many fun projects! I thought the kid's story would be more child like but really it is a cartoon strip- which the boys are just not into but they really liked looking at all the pictures of animals with me. I need more projects like I need a hole in the head. But I lined up my raverly queue to keep myself on task! Now I just need to stick with it!

PS- I think I might baste the sweater together and see how it fits and then make my decision about frogging. It will fit James for sure but the color would be so beautiful on Xander that it would be a shame for it to be too small! What do you think?


Gretchen R said...

I have the worst time deciding whether or not to frog an item! I'm no help to you. I'm dying to get my hands on that new Spud and Chloe book! It just looks like so much fun!

house full of jays said...

Such a hard decision! I end up flopping back and forth so many times I probably could have had time to rip and re-knit.
I have that hat pattern in my Ravelry favourites. I love it! Look forward to seeing more of yours!