Tuesday, May 3, 2011

James' second trip to the ER

So tonight we took the sheep up to a farm to be sheared. All was going well and the sheep were all sheared and had their hooves trimmed when James started screaming like a madman. Somehow despite the fact that all of us adults were like 10 feet away the farmer's dog bit him right on the nose! Luckily it is a pretty superficial bite but James was plenty freaked out. At first I couldn't figure out why he was crying b/c he'd just been standing there next to Xander and the dog, who had been totally fine with the kids up till that point. Poor pup never even growled or barked or anything. I don't know if James tried to hug her or if he and Xander were shuffling around and he bumped into her or if she was trying to herd him like she would some sheep (a known issue with sheep dogs in general...) but he has a nice little nip on his nose. One puncture wound just above the bridge of his nose and one between his nostrils and it's pretty red and swollen. I know he will be fine and it's barely deep enough to worry about scarring but since a dog's mouth isn't the cleanest place in the world we are starting him on antibiotic asap. Of course I hadn't brought my wallet with me- which included the Rx insurance card- so we had to pay full price for the abx- uugh- but I should be able to take the receipt back and have them bill the insurance. One more thing to add to my to do list! I'll post pics soon but James is sleeping down so we're going to let sleeping babies lie.

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