Saturday, May 14, 2011

NH Sheep and Wool 2011

So today we ventured to Hopkinton MA to the NH Sheep and Wool Growers Association Annual Festival. I love the sheep and wool fest- don't ask me why but I just love it. Something about all that amazing wool and fiber and animals and cool crafty people all in one place.... makes the heart sing! Silly mama that I am I completely forgot the camera in the car so I have exactly ZERO photos of the day but fun was had by all. You can see a couple pics of the kids here. This year we changed things up a bit. Mum and I took a drop spindle class in the morning while Frank corralled the kids (i.e. fed them a bunch of fair food....) and then in the afternoon we traded. I enjoyed the spinning class but I don't see myself using the drop spindle a lot until the boys are a bit older. It is a skill that is going to take a lot of practice and you need a decent area to work in without being distracted or having your space infringed upon- hence I feel that it is probably best to leave it until the boys are older. It was fun to learn the basics though. The class definitely made the morning speed by though- it was noon in a blink! Then Frank deposited the kids with me and went off to listen to some lectures on improving pastures and the digestive system of sheep. We got some more food and perused the booths. One of our favorites- Golding Fiber - was absent this year which was a shame b/c I always look forward to their wares but there was plenty else to see. My mother and I, of course, enjoyed the yarn the most and the boys enjoyed the dogs and sheep! I did manage to refrain myself and I only bought 1 skein of yarn and a niddy noddy.

We ended up staying till the very end and closing the place down! After the festival we headed into Concord for supper- at Uno's. Every once in awhile it's nice to have a good deep dish. And it doesn't hurt that Uno's is right next to the LL Bean outlet. We scored on some bike helmets and I found the rug and a pillow I have been looking for so it was a good trip to LL Bean in all. I want to redecorate our bedroom with one of their themes- so I have been keeping an eye on the outlets for good deals and I definitely found some tonight. After Bean we headed home. It was a very long day but it was worth it.

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