Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Yarn Along- Happy Birthday to me!

Today is my birthday- it so weird when you older and birthdays become shall we say less important. I love birthdays and I think it is important to have one day out of the year when it is all about me! Especially as a mom we do so much for our kids and families that I like having this one day to myself- even if I have have to share it with my niece. Happy Birthday May- May! So today I do not have to work - a lucky fluke of the schedule that I am taking advantage of- and I did something even more selfish... I sent the kids to daycare just because I wanted to! Both boys slept late this morning- James till 7:15 and Xander till after 8AM (shocking I know but it was like his birthday present to me!) and then instead of the usual hustle and bustle of Wednesday mornings where I take them to gym and swim class I put a coat on over my PJS, ran them down the road to daycare, came home and got back into bed! So I spent the morning in my bed reading trashy novels and napping in my totally silent house- pure decadence I know! The sad part about it is that I feel kinda guilty about shipping them off the daycare and being so selfish but mother's guilt is a whole other topic that I am not going to get into today.

So after my lazy morning my husband called and offered to bring my choice of lunch from town-hurray- and now I am catching up on blogs (if you couldn't tell I haven't been on the computer much these days...) while I wait for him to bring me sushi. My plan for the afternoon is to spend it in my sewing room! As you can see I am almost finished with Xander's hobby horse- just need to finish knitting the i-cord bridle which is supposed to be 3.5 yds- BTW that is a very long i-cord- sew on the buttons for eyes and the D-rings for the bridle and do something about the ears. I sewed them on a little far forward I think, so they are well attached but very floppy- I wondering if I might be able to poke a pipe cleaner through the inside to get them to stand up better. Now that it is all felted I don't want to risk unsewing them and putting them back on in a better spot. This was my first felted project and it came out great! I felt like the yarn was pretty coarse as I was working with it- Cascade 220- but it felted up beautifully and is so soft I just want to keep petting the thing. I may felt the i-cord for the bridle a bit too to make it softer. So I am going to finish up the hobby horse and sew up a few dresses for a diva swap and if I am truly ambitious I might throw together some summer pjs for Xander- something he lacks, but if I can get the hobby horse done I want to work on finishing his waldorf doll that was supposed to be a Christmas present and still hasn't made it from out of the cut out and sewn phase- I just need to stuff it and put it all together- even the cap for the wig is done! I can do it! So more sewing and less knitting to come over the next 2 weeks. Oh yeah and a ton of house cleaning so that my home isn't a shambles for Xander's party!


Mary G said...

I love the knitted hobby horse! How cool is that?

Happy Birthday (and yes, bdays are less important but still fun to have a reason to putter and enjoy your day!)

Reba said...

i hope your birthday was lovely, fun, and relaxing, whitney! can't wait to see you all for xander's party. did you get my email about gifts and a cat?