Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rainbows among us

So we had a busy day- speech therapy followed by mad house cleaning (I was on a tear- just ask Frank), napping, and plenty of playing outside. It was a good day even if the kids did get eaten alive by bugs- I swear those darn black flies are biting even through the bug spray. Poor Xander's head is a mess- especially after we basically dunk him in calamine lotion several times a day! So this evening before bed the kids took a shower- their new favorite thing. They don't want to take baths anymore- only showers. Good thing we have a large, enclosed shower so they can splash around to their heart's content. After their shower tonight we were heading upstairs to bed when this amazing rainbow just stopped us in our tracks at the front door. You could see the whole thing all the way from one end to the other and it was a double. It was just amazing! I can't remember the last time I have seen such a large and impressive rainbow. It's weird- I don't know what it is about rainbow- they are just light reflecting in the sky but they are just the most awe-inspiring thing to me- real true miracles. (don't mind the schoolmarm voice over in the video please...)

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