Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Yarn Along

I have continued to study for the IBCLC exam- you'll be seeing a lot of lactation reading coming up. Thursday and Friday I am attending the Annual Breastfeeding Conference sponsored by Baystate Health at the Log Cabin in Easthampton, MA. I have attended this conference in the past and have usually found it to be a very education experience. They also usually have a very good selection of lactation texts that you can look through so I plan on giving them a good once over to see if there isn't anything I can't live without. I signed up for an online lactation review course that has practice IBCLC exams and I realize I have A LOT of studying to do. The practical stuff I am pretty ok with but all the questions about hormones and chemical composition of human breast milk I haven't studying in probably 5 years at least so I need some review to say the least. Plus Easthampton isn't too far away from Northhampton- the home of Webs... an excursion may be in order.....

So in addition to the heavy work/study type reading I had to lighten it up a bit with some fluff- hence the Royal Wedding. I think Kate's gown was simply divine! I haven't had a chance to read all about it but I am certainly enjoying the pictures!

As for my knitting I am almost finished with the sun hat to go with Xander's sweater. I kinda don't know why I am bothering b/c I can never seem to keep a hat on his head but it is so cute when they have the matching set so I am going to plow ahead. I really want to be vigilant on keeping a hat on Xander this summer b/c he has such fair skin I worry about him burning and I think a hat will just be better sun protection that trying to keep sun screen on his face. I have several sun hats now so if he has a choice about which one to wear he will keep it on...usually. I may have to add some extra to this hat though- the beanie part is done and I am working on the brim but when I tried the beanie on Xander it doesn't seem quite long enough to me. I'm going to finish the brim and baste in on and take a look at it but it should be easy enough to add some length to the beanie if I decide that it is necessary. My goal is to finish it up while I am at the conference so I can get cracking on Xander's hobby horse which is one of his main birthday presents and seeing as his birthday is this month I need to get it done!

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