Monday, May 30, 2011

Xander is three years old!

Today my baby boy is three years old. He decided to celebrate by waking up at the brink of dawn, getting dressed (all by himself), coming downstairs, putting his boots on, going outside, and waking mommy and daddy up with the honking of car horns! He has figured out how to open car doors and he got into Frank's work car and had the lights and horn going full blast- what a wake up call! Of course then he decided to come inside and make us all pancakes in his kitchen completed decked out in his chef's gear- oh how cute!

I don't know why three seems like a big year to me- I mean they are all important and special in their own way but THREE is coming at me in a big way. I think it is because he will start school in the fall- actually he could start tomorrow but we decided not to start him at the end of the school year so come August he will be in preschool! I know it is only 1/2 days, 4 days a week but that means that I will be at home with just one kids for some of the time and that our days have to revolve around someone else's schedule and for me that seems like it is going to be a big change! I guess I will just focus on making it through the summer for now!

More from his party later....

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