Friday, June 24, 2011

An Answer...sort of

So we finally have part of an answer to the ongoing saga of Xander's ears. He started with that ear infection last Monday, by saturday it wasn't better so Frank took him back to the dr and started him on Augmentin. Well he was on the Augmentin for 5 days and his ear looked just as bad as it started out looking so I called the dr again and he had us bring him in for a culture and changed his abx. Well his culture came back positive for MRSA. So in a way I am glad to have an answer but this was certainly not the answer I was hoping for! His sensitivities came back today and a sulfa abx should work this time. So we started him on Bactrim today and hopefully that will clear it up... at least for now. We go to the pediatric allergy and ENT specialists at CHaD August 2nd (heck of a lot better than September).

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Emily said...

Oh no! Poor kiddo :( Hoping the meds work and things get better soon.