Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Yarn Along

 Well I have been busy knitting this week- knitting and working that is! It's been totally crazy at work recently. Apparently it was a long winter! My house is a total wreck- luckily the kids have been able to play outside most of the time recently so they haven't been able to wreak as much havoc on the inside as normal but since I have been knitting when I should be cleaning.... oh well. There will plenty of time to clean this winter right?!?!?!?!? So I started out by finishing up the reusable swiffer cover that I was working on. Since I haven't been doing much cleaning I haven't actually had a chance to use it yet but I am hopeful that $1 worth of yarn and my time will be worth many boxes of refills.  I may need to make several though in order to keep up with my cleaning habits.  It fits the swiffer pretty well at least.  I made one for myself and I also made one for the Diva knitted swap that I am doing right now. I used this pattern.

Then I finished up my project for the Diva swap.  I wasn't sure that I was going to make it by the deadline but I have it all done and waiting to go to the post office today!  I just need to write the card to go in it. I got some great cards that have saying like "A day without knitting is like a day without sunshine" and "I think I'll knit another row." I used this pattern.  It was the first time that I made gloves/mittens and they weren't nearly as difficult as I thought they were going to be. I have another pattern that I wanted to try but I have been afraid b/c it is for gloves but I think I might give it a go after this experiment.  I had a few problems with the left mitt in this pattern but after frogging half of it several times I think i finally got it worked out to my satisfication. I did have a major issue with the neck warmer but I was able to email the pattern designer (gotta love rav...) and discovered that it wasn't me being unable to count or screwing up- there was actually a mistake in the pattern! So after much frustration I got them all finished and blocked up. Rav details here.

Then I decided to jump into the milo vest craze!  I want to make Milo vests for both boys using some malabrigo solis that I recently got but I have a friend who is having a baby in December and I wanted to have something to exhibit at the fair so I started a nb milo to get me in the mood.  i am using malabrigo rios in raverly red for this and it is just the softest thing ever! I'm glad I did a test run with this one because I had a hard time with the underarms at first so I'm glad it it just on the nb size.  I'll probably do a hat and skirty and maybe even some booties to complete the set- we'll see.  I'd really like to do an owlie sleep sack but just one more thing to add to the queue....  So given all that and studying for my IBCLC exam I haven't done much pleasure reading.  I haven't even finished the book I started last week- how sad is that?!?! 


Emily said...

You really have been knitting up a storm! Great job. I might need to add those swiffer covers to my list of projects. I think they would be great to have.

Kiwi Circus said...

The neck scarf and fingerless gloves are beautiful! You always pick such amazing projects. I added the swiffer cover to my list of things to do after seeing it on your blog.

accountantgrrl said...

Those swiffer covers are worth their weight in gold.

But, yes, do make a couple of them to keep on hand.

I use the one I made (and the Swiffer Duster cover) all the time. It's great that I can just chuck them into the laundry when they are all yucky.