Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ear update

So yesterday I took James (and Xander) to the ENT. James had his post-op tubes/adenoidectomy appointment and since I wasn't able to get an appointment for Xander b/c the office was so booked up the secretary told me to bring him in with James. I'm not sure the PA was thrilled with that plan but a tube check is pretty quick all things considered. All 4 tubes are patent and in place and Xander has no more drainage from his infected ear! On Sunday the drainage from his ear wasn't that much better despite almost 6 days of Bactrim so I was concerned that we were heading towards IV abx but Monday he woke up and the drainage was essentially gone. He told me his ear was "all better mommy." So "sigh" the bactrim has done the trick so far. Yesterday he developed a fine rash all over the back of his neck. Given that there is a history of sulfa allergies in the family I was concerned that he might be developing an allergy, but it was gone this morning. We spent the day at the beach yesterday before going to the dr so it was probably just his swim shirt rubbing against his neck. He does seem to be super sensitive to tags these days. I'm not keen on cutting all the tags out his shirts though.

We have had a busy few days. Tuesday we spent running errands and Wednesday we were at the beach all day. I would post pictures but I never got my camera out of the bag we were having too much fun! I bought a season's pass to Wares Grove Beach so I imagine we will be spending quite a bit of time there! I'm working all weekend so happy early 4th to everyone!


Emily said...

Yay! So glad to hear that Xander is on the mend and feeling better.

Happy 4th!

Reba said...

that's great xander's ear is better! and that james's are doing their job too. i love trips like that when you're having too much fun to take pictures. i took 1 picture and 1 video when we were at storyland! luckily grandma and grandpa filled in the gaps. i'll send you the pics. i think we are already out of town most every weekend in july/early august. we'll figure something out (i'll email you). xoxo sorry you have to work this weekend.