Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Yarn Along

So this week I haven't been doing much reading but I've been knitting! I volunteered to test a pattern for one of the Divas and spent the weekend doing just that. I got this lovely yarn at NE Fabrics b/c I didn't have enough chunky yarn at home and then I set right to work. The pattern is Ella's Errand Sweater by Shonny Isley. I knit the whole sweater in one weekend so I am a fan! I'd never really worked with chunky yarn before so I was amazed at how fast it knit up. It came out as a really cute little sweater that fit James really well. Most everything that I have knit up till this point has been huge so it was nice to have something that fit just right! You can see more details on my raverly page here.

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