Sunday, June 26, 2011

Xander's Errand Sweater

So I finished Xander's errand sweater today. I did end up ordering some more yarn because I knew it would bother me forever that it wasn't the way it was "supposed" to be. I ordered it from the same place that I got it from before and it ended up even being from the same dye lot so it was meant to be! Once I got the yarn it was quick and easy to finish up that sleeve cuff and weave in that last end and it was all done! I haven't blocked it out yet but Xander seemed to enjoy wearing it regardless. I had to bribe him to get him take it off. It might have something to do with the yarn- I used a cascade 128 Superwash 100% wool. It is super soft and thick and squishy. Hence the reason that I didn't want him to wear it when it was 80 degrees out! You can see all the details and my commentary on the pattern here.

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Emily said...

Fantastic job on the sweater. I love the colors you chose. Cascade yarn is one of my favorites to work with (sadly, my LYS doesn't carry it anymore).