Monday, June 13, 2011

Xander's 3 yr appointment

Xander had his 3 year well child visit this morning. It went well. All in all he is a pretty healthy guy so... He weighed in at 29lbs and was 35 in tall. Which puts him in about the 5-10th percentile for both and at a good height to weight ratio. I go back and forth about worrying about his size. If he is going to be short there isn't much I can do about it! But sometimes when I am folding laundry (as I folded more laundry than I would like to discuss this weekend...) I get anxious that his size 2s are still too big on him for the most part! And when he is multiple kids his own age it is really striking how really tiny he is but he holds his own so I guess I need to let it go. He is eating and except for his speech he is developing normally. He is plenty active that is for sure!

Speech is going well. He is on a hiatus from speech until school starts in the fall but we still see the speech therapist weekly for James so he is kinda getting it anyway! It probably helps that most days now he can actually hear us talking to him. He has another ear infection in the left ear today. He's been averaging about 1 infection a month since his 2nd set of tubes in March, which I guess is a lot but is such a vast improvement over then near constant infections before. These seem to respond well to antibiotic ear drops and clear up quickly. The biggest problem really is keeping the drainage from causing breakdown on his ear lobe. Xander still hates the ear drops but he submits a little bit easier these days b/c he knows it's coming no matter what. I found that if I told him it was time for drops he screams bloody murder but he'll lay down and take it. I hate to hear him scream but I don't think it is fair to sneak up on him with them either- that just makes it worse! He does seem to hve a constant clear running nose so we are going to go see an allergis for him. Given my history and his constant running nose plus the ear infections that haven't really cleared up with multiple sets of PE tubes and an adenoidectomy it's time to explore other avenues for "fixing" his ears. I am not looking forward to skin testing on him or the possibility of having to majorly alter his diet but if it will prevent ear infections then we'll do what it takes... Can you imagine how bad his ears would be if we did any of the things that supposedly make ear infection worse (formula, smoking, not vaccinating, etc...)

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Reba said...

poor kid--sorry to hear he has another ear infection! can't believe he's still getting them in spite of everything he's had done. will we see you wednesday for the zoo?