Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Yarn Along

So I finished the Hobby horse and decided to move onto some quicker smaller projects for awhile before I tackle the next "big" thing. Mostly I haven't decided what the next big thing is going to be yet so.... The two above are some charity hats for the hospital where I work. We are always woefully short of boy hats so I try to make boyee things whenever possible. I also knitted up a couple more Bel Cloche hats for my SIL and my friend's daughter. I still love that pattern- it is so cute! Next I am going to make some hats for Ginny's Knit for Japan campaign. I have a bunch of bulky yarn to use my from my stash to get those done but I need to get cracking b/c the deadline is fast approaching! All this while I decided what to do next. I want to make a vest for myself but I don't know that I am ready for something that big... so then I want to make some Milo vests for the boys but I also want to make a Twisted Tree pullover for Xander. I also love the pembroke vest and I want to knit up the whole Spud and Chloe on the farm so needless to say I think I need to find some more focus before I decide what to do next!

Reading wise I have been trying to be good about studying more for my IBCLC boards but I have to say I am having a hard time focusing on it. Learning about cranial nerves and innervation along with the fat/protein/casein composition of milk is just making me fall asleep! Helping mothers breastfeed in person I love but I'm feeling frustrated cramming all these facts into my head when I probably won't use them past my boards. That being said mixed in with all the factoids is some really great information that will help me in practice so I keep slogging. This book has tons of great pictures so it is a nice change from reading! Gotta go take a nap so I can make it though work tonight!


Stacy said...

Those hats are precious...what a wonderful gift.

Good luck with studying.

Allison said...

those are such sweet hats. your stitching looks so even.