Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ear Infection #10

Ear Infection #10- if you say it in a sexy voice it could almost be the name of a fancy fragrance, if only... So I feel vindicated that I know my child better that the dr b/c Alexander does in fact have an ear infection! A pretty, big, whopping, ear drum rupturing infection in his left ear. This morning he had a fever and was crying, almost inconsolable with pain in his left ear and then for better or worse his ear drum ruptured. It was almost like he was blowing his nose out his ear- yes I know your welcome for the mental picture! At least he felt better after it ruptured though- he wasn't too happy with me trying to wipe some of the goo out of his ear but he wasn't inconsolable either and after it blew his fever went down too! The really sad part is that now he has a rash on his face b/c he has had so much drainage out of his ear it's making his face break out! We are going to try ear drops for a couple days and see if that works and if not we go back to the dr on Thursday- I'm so sick of the dr office!

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