Monday, February 14, 2011

James' 1st trip to the ER

Well I had hoped to spend my Valentine's Day in a more romantic fashion than in the ER but welcome to the joys of parenthood! Xander started throwing up Friday and managed to only throw up the one time. He has continued to have diarrhea and a bit of a fever but no more vominting. James started vomiting yesterday and has literally puked up every single thing that has touched his lips! I feel so bad for the little guy b/c he is obviously thirsty but he is just vomiting everything that goes into his mouth so I am really hesitant to give him any liquids. It also probably doesn't help that he had a fever too. He also started with the diarrhea last night so I stayed home from work to be with him. He vomited even in his sleep during the night- blech... This morning he was still vomiting everything he tried to drink and he had only had 1 wet diaper since Saturday so I called the Dr office when they opened and they said to go to the ER so I packed everyone up and off we went. By then I think he had realized that drinking wasn't really doing good things for him so he wasn't really wanted to eat or drink very much. His weight is at 20 lbs 12 oz which his what he weighed at his 15 mo appointment so I was not encouraged by that. Of course as soon as the PA went to examine him he had a wet diaper and b/c by then he was refusing to eat or drink he only vomited once while we were there. And that of course happened to be while he was holding a chicken nugget- mind you he hadn't actually eaten the chicken nugget- he was just holding it but then the nurse told the MD that he only vomited after eating. I have to say I wasn't particularly impressed with the ER this time around. I guess mostly I didn't feel like they were really listening to me. I wouldn't have dragged all of us to the ER if I didn't think James was pretty sick and in need of some help after all! So they started an IV and drew some labs but then after they got his labs back decided that he wasn't "dehydrated enough" to need IV fluids. At that point I should have requested a pediatric consult but I was so tired of being there really I just wanted to go home! They did at least give him some zofran, which he did not vomit back up and it did help but I don't undersatnd why since they had an IV in him they couldn't have at least given him a bolus of fluids. You know tank him up and then send us home... but I think this is one of those issues where when you know your child and what they are normally like you can say he is really sick but to an outside observer he might not look that ill. He was just makingme nervous b/c he was SO lethargic. The entire time we were in the ER he just lay in my lap or on the stretcher- he refused to even sit up. He was a total limp noodle and James is NEVER a limp noodle. He always wiggling and always on the move so to see him so still was just out of character! So he has only vomited a couple more times since we've been home and he can have another dose of zofran in a bit and we'll see where we go from here.

PS: I really didn't expect my 200th post to be about a visit to the ER. Int he future let's try to keep milestones posts about much mroe mundane things!

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