Friday, February 18, 2011

James is 17 months old!

And what did we do to celebrate- go to the doctor! I worked last night so the boys went to daycare and then I went and picked them up early to take them. Funnily enough I scheduled their follow ups at the same time as Frank had his annual appointment wihtout even realizing it! So Frank had his annual with Dr W and we saw the NP in the office. James' weight is down to 20 lbs even on this scale and Xander is at 26.6 lbs. James has only vomited once since Tuesday and although he is continued to have loose stools they are getting more formed. Neither of them has a fever today and Xander's diarrhea finally stopped after about 5 days so I am sure James is on the same road. I actually took James in for a follow up after the gastroenteritis and I wanted Xander checked out b/c I am pretty sure he is brewing another ear infection. James looks good even though his weight is down even more. He has a well child visit scheduled in about 3 weeks so we are assuming his weight is down b/c of different scales and also he was quite sick and that over the next few weeks he will start gaining again. He is just so tiny that when he gets sick he doesn't have much in the way of reserves. I really don't want to have to start supplementing him with pediasure so we'll hope that he starts to regain the weight on his own over the next month. According to the NP Xander does not have an ear infection but she was unable to visualize either of his tubes- as of his last check they left one was still there but extruded and the right was was supposedly still there and working although I really don't know how well it's been working recently. We can make it 2 more weeks- right?!?!?!? He is scheduled to have the tubes replaced on 3/8 we just have to make it till then. I was almost positive that he had an ear infection today so if that isn't the case maybe I am over reacting- but he keeps rubbing at his left ear especially so I am suspicious....

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