Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Table and Chairs...

Who knew a table and chairs could be so much fun! Recently I have been wanting to do several activities with Xander (and James, but mostly Xander) that really require sitting at a table. I thought I'd be brave and try some painting but I also wanted to start working on some writing and schooling type activities. I bought Xander this book to help him start working on learning to write his letters. They also have one for numbers but first things first. Anyway I didn't really want to use my dining room table for painting and play dough etc and Xander never seems to want to sit at the dining room table- he is constantly trying to stand in his chair and usually ends up kneeling after we tell him to sit. Every time we have gone to a friend's house that has a child size table and chairs he immediately goes and sits and even James is drawn to a table his size. I have been trolling craigslist and used baby stores for a decent, sturdy table and chairs but haven't found anything worth my time to drive and get it. So when we were at BRU yesterday Xander kept going to this table set and sitting and playing at it. Then when I went over to the aisle where they have the tables he asked repeatedly for his own table and chair. So we splurged a bit and I bought him his very own table and chairs. I really liked this set b/c the price was quite reasonable and it was very sturdy. I also liked that fact that it came in a cherry color so it can blend with most of our other furniture and it looks like real furniture not cheap kiddy stuff. I only wish I could buy more chairs for it b/c when we have friends over we don't have extra chairs! It was pretty funny b/c when we left the store Xander was very concerned about where his table was and made me show it to him to make sure we were bringing it home. So last night I put it all together- all by myself I might add- and it was the very first thing that Xander saw when he came down the stairs this morning. He was pretty ecstatic. He and James have been playing with it all morning. Xander insisted on eating all his meals at "his" table and he has already designated which chair is his and which chair is James'. I like it b/c I can sit on the chair and not feel like I am falling on the floor or it is going to collapse under me and the table has not wobbled an iota despite 2 little boys climbing on it! So far they have played cars on it, made valentines, eaten at it, and colored. We still haven't attempted painting yet but that may have to be on the agenda for next week!

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