Thursday, February 24, 2011

And it's a double!

So Xander's ear wasn't really clearing up all that well so I took him back to the Dr this morning to have him checked out. Apparently today he weighed 28 lbs- go figure! He's still running a slight temp but not too bad and it turns out that his right ear is also infected! So the tube is gone on the left and the ear drum is definitely ruptured. It also appears as if the tube is now gone on the right and his ear drum is red and inflamed so now we will start a ten day course of abx. The problem being that with his ear drum ruptured it now puts his next surgery in question. Hopefully the abx will do their work, clear up the infection quickly, and his ear drum will have time to heal before the 8th (although it would have helped had the pharmacy actually had the abx- we can't even get it till tomorrow!) but mostly we will have to wait and see. He has his pre-op appointment the 4th and they'll determine then if he can have the surgery on the 8th or not. I'm conflicted... I want him to have the surgery so we don't lose ground on the speech front and since having his adenoids out is supposed to help prevent more ear infections that would be great but then again I don't want to be repeating this in 6 months AGAIN so I want his ear drum to be well healed so that it can support the tube! But I also don't want to reschedule and have this happen again since we can't seem to go more than 2 weeks between ear infections these days. I mean it can't be great for his ear drum to be ruptured multiple times! I swear Xander's ears are going to send me over the edge one of these days.... It's time for him to grow out of this already! At least the devil child on the right is feeling better- now if only he would sleep past 4am we'd all be much better off but that is a whole other story. If anyone has suggestions on how to get a baby to sleep later in the morning I am all ears!

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Reba said...

oh my, you guys have had a bad month. :( we are now all sick too, with a bad cold/fever thank goodness not vomiting yet.

i wanted to tell you as a little kid, i had many, many, many ear infections both before and after my tubes were placed when i was 5 years old. my eardrums ruptured several times and i think my hearing is normal or close to it.

i hope everybody gets better and xander is able to have his surgery.

does james sleep with any stuffed animals yet? sometimes in the morning naomi will play with the toys in her crib so we can sleep a little later.