Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Shopping in Nashua...

So today the boys and I went to Nashua for "picture day" as it is known to the men in my family. This time I actually needed to go to the dentist and since we were going to be in Nashua I figured I would take the boys to get their pictures done since it James' is basically 18 months old. So we met my mom at the dentist so she could watch them while I had my teeth cleaned. I swear having babies has totally destroyed my teeth! I have never had a cavity in my entire life and since I got pregnant the first time I have had 2. So now I have 1 that needs a filling and 2 other "spots" that they are going to watch and make sure they don't develop into cavities. I don't really mind the dentist all that much it is just somehow disconcerting to have someone drilling into your teeth- yuck! So after the dentist we headed to the mall to have the boys pictured done at Picture People.

The boys did really great with pictures- Xander has realized that he can say "cheese" and people will take his picture. he mostly enjoys looking at the picture in the viewfinder afterwards though. After pics we had lunch in the food court and did some window shopping while we waited for the pictures to be ready. We got some really fabulous pics of Xander, some great ones of James and some good ones of them together. James wasn't being the most cooperative. You can see them here.

After the mall we headed over to Babies R Us for the "Great Trade In Event" James has finally outgrown his infant seat and needs a new car seat. So we traded in an old car seat we had for 25% off a new one. We decided (ok I decided) that instead of getting James a new convertible seat we'd get Xander a booster seat and move James into Xander's convertible. That way we won't have to buy Xander a new car seat in the nearish future when he outgrows his current convertible seat. So after much debate I decided to purchase a Britax Frontier 85. It has really good safety rating and will grow with Xander hopefully until he doesn't need to be in a car seat any longer (you know when he is in high school peanut that he is...). Originally the plan was to put it in the truck but Xander really likes his Recaro so we thought he might throw a fit if we gave his favored throne to his brother so now I think we'll put it in my car and move his convertible from my car into the truck. When I pulled it out of the box at home though, James was much more interested in sitting in it than Xander! Too bad he doesn't meet the weight, age or height requirements to actually use it! We also got them a table and chairs at BRU and I put them together when we got home so hopefully I will have pics of that to post.

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