Saturday, March 5, 2011

Biweekly Dr visits- yuck!

Wednesday Xander's ear was still draining copious amounts of green/yellow discharge so I took him to the ENT. Apparently nobody is particularly concerned that a week of ear drops and 5 days of oral antibiotics later his ear isn't clearing up at all... except me that is! It is depressing me to constantly hear this little voice saying, " mommy, my ear too hurt!" So back to the Dr we went where they were like well he has an infection... like the pus draining from his ear for the last 10 days hadn't already told me that! But we started him on a different stronger antibiotic. So today I took him back to the ENT for his pre-op appointment and while his ear is better it continues to drain yellow, albeit thinner, discharge. At least his skin is healing up now and his whole ear lobe isn't a raw mess! The short story is that we are tentatively a go for sugery next week. The ENT said there is too much drainage to do it now but with the stonger antibiotics hopefully it will have cleared enough by Tuesday that they can take care of it... so Tuesday we head back to the hospital at some unknown hour- we have to call monday to find out the surgery time- and hope (fingers crossed, pretty please with a cherry on top) that his ear drum has healed (apparently it only takes a day to heal up...) and the drainage has cleared enough to proceed. The ENT tried to put him on a stonger antibiotic but after much hassle that I don't really want to talk about- PITA- it was determined that the only way to get a stronger dose would be for him to take pills that he would have to swallow and I don't think he is old enough for that quite yet. If it were chewable no problem but to swallow one of those antiobiotic horse pills - I'd rather not have him choke thank you! So ear drops and Augmentin XR 2x day- 4 days and counting...

PS- next week between both boys and myself we are scheduled for Dr appointments almost daily- Audiology monday, surgery tuesday, dentist wednesday, and eye dr thurs. When did my life become a round of office appointments?

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