Monday, March 21, 2011

James' 18 month appointment

Today James had his 18 month Dr appointment. All in all it went pretty well. He weighed in at 21 lbs, which puts him at about the 1st percentile for weight. It's down again from his last well child visit but he appears to be healthy in all other regards and he is following the same grwoth pattern as Xander (who's weight percentile picked up after he turned 2) so we are going to wait and see. Both the doctor and I agree that although he is a peanut he is a healthy peanut. I'd be more concerned if he didn't eat well but he eats everything in sight usually so I'm not too worried. Height wise he is growing well. Now he is 31 in tall, which puts him at the 16th percentile. That puts his BMI at 15, which makes him underweight but like we didn't know that! Also I really question whether or not BMI is a good measurement for toddlers. My tiny little peanut children- what can I say we grow them small! Head wise though he is at the 64th percentile with a head cicumference of 19 in! So basically he has a tiny body and a big head.

As for his ears he had fluid in both ears upon exam this morning so my guess is that we are heading for PE tubes for him as well. He is going to be evaluated for a speech delay by RISE in April so we'll see where he lands there and he has a repeat exam with audiology in a few weeks. He has picked a few new words recently- "ball" being his current favorite. He's pretty good about trying any words that begin with "b" or "m". I've been hearing something that sounds a lot like milk recently too so hopefully with some more work it will become more distinct.

Sleeping wise he has been doing well the last week or so but I am holding my breath hoping it lasts. We seem to have a few good days/weeks and then it goes downhill for awhile and just when you don't think that you can stand the lack of sleep any longer he'll go back to sleeping all night again! Frank is convinced it is his teeth coming in and I agree- although sometimes I wonder if he doesn't wake up because he is hungry. My guess at this point is when he wakes up and goes back to sleep easily it is b/c he is uncomfortable- either b/c of his teeth or bad dreams and when he wakes up and won't go back to sleep he is hungry or really in pain. It is so hard to tell and of couse he can't tell us!

Over the weekend with my mom he developed some diarrhea again so hopefully it will be short lived. She said that he vomited one time each morning Sat and Sun but then not again. But he has had some pretty loose stools. His poor bum looks pretty raw! We've managed to keep it under control with Desitin and haven't had to resort to hydrocortisone yet. It always seems to take him forever to get over the diarrhea (probably not helping his weight gain...) so we'll see how long this bout lasts.

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