Thursday, March 24, 2011

On the mend...

So it turned out that Monday afternoon into Tuesday morning was really the worst time of the stomach bug this round. Of course Monday was the day that Mom and I made the trek to Webs- yarn mecca! We spent a lot of time in the bathroom. Luckily it isn't too far away from here and Xander slept in the car. Tuesday in the morning Xander was still pretty wiped and having very frequent diarrhea, plus the vomiting all over the bathroom, so he was supposed to go for his ENT follow-up but we rescheduled for next week. I swear those appointments are like gold so I hate to cancel last minute but... there is only so much I can handle. They did seem to be feeling much better after naps but the diaper rash- ouch. Tuesday night we let Xander run around bare butt b/c he was making it to the toilet and his bum is starting to look better. Yesterday I went to work during the day, gasp I know.... and both boys survived gym and swim with Nan. I was only supposed to work until noon but then the unit was crazy so I escaped to go have lunch with Frank and then came back to work till 6pm. This morning we are still having the random bouts of loose stools nothing like before. Luckily so far Frank and I have escaped. Apparently it came from daycare this time b/c a bunch of the kids there have also been sick. I totally can't even fathom getting this bug now b/c I am supposed to work all weekend! Hopefully things will settle down a little!

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