Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Our weekend away....

So this weekend Frank and I spent the whole time just the two of us and you know what I noticed the most... the quiet. Two little boys make A LOT of noise. It was just rather startling to me how quiet it was. All in all we had a lovely time. We left Friday afternoon a little behind schedule but not terribly late. We stayed at a wonderful B&B in Chester, Vt Called the Inn Victoria. It was perfect- charming, not too far away and the food was amazing! We stayed in the Prince Albert room b/c it had a jacuzzi and a fireplace plus access to the hot tub. I really just wanted the jacuzzi. With a king size bed it would have been truly prefect but the queen bed that was in the room was super comfy so ti made up for it's lack of size. When we got there Friday afternoon we had High Tea, which in all honesty was a meal in and of itself. There was tea of course plus mini quiches, shrimp puffs, and bruchetta followed by scones and chocolate covered strawberries with clotted cream and lemon curd, and that was followed by mini cheesecakes and chocolate petit fours shells filled with a cherry whipped topping. It was total decadence. After tea we got a tour of the inn and spent some time in our room just relaxing. Then we went for a walk and visited some of the local shops and had dinner at Alice's. They had the most amazing baked brie- it was wonderful! Chester is really a cute little town with lots of fun, Victorian homes and cute little shops. After supper we walked back to the Inn and went for a dip in the hot tub, after which I took a soak in the jacuzzi and read a trashy romance novel, while Frank watched some basketball and vaguely pathetically we went to bed early.

Saturday was an amazing 3 course breakfast- Maple Aebleskivers (they are like little pancake balls), then Baked apples with mascarpone cheese (the main ingredient in tiramisu), finished up with Eggs Benedict with homemade hollandaise and sausage. Who needs lunch after that? After breakfast Frank got a massage in our room while I took another soak in the jacuzzi and then he napped while I got a massage. It was heaven. I swear my back hasn't felt this good since pre-pregnancy and I think I grew like 1/8in taller. After massages we took another dip in the hot tub and then headed out to do some shopping. First we headed up to Proctorsville to Six Loose Ladies and Friends which is a cute little yarn shop. They had some really nice locally produced yarns and a really nice book section. I got this great book called Knitted Gifts that has a pattern for a Hobby Horse that I can't wait to try out for the boys. Then we checked out the local general store where, as Frank put it, they had more guns in one place that we'd ever seen in our lives! After that we headed back to Chester to Country Treasures which is possibly one of the biggest quilting shops I have ever seen. There was so much fabric in there it was truly astonishing. We spent quite a bit of time in there and then headed back to the Inn for our second High Tea, which was just as good as on Friday. After tea we went back to Country Treasures so that I could actually buy some fabric this time! Then we went to Hugging Bear which is this shop just crammed floor to ceiling with stuffed animals! They also have a B&B there which honestly was just a touch creepy with teddy bears peeking at you out the windows but we got some cute little toys to put in the boys Easter baskets. The we went back to the inn to relax for a bit before heading out for dinner. We had an amazing dinner at this roadside dive called Harry's. It was totally jam packed and we ended up eating at the bar but it was totally worth it because the food was to die for. I had jerk scallops and Frank had a grilled duck breast that was totally delicious. Then we waddled our stuffed selves back to the inn to sleep off our overindulgence.

Sunday began with another 3 course breakfast: muffins, fruit salad, and creme brulee french toast that I liked and I don't even like french toast! Then I took one last soak in the jacuzzi (can you tell I miss my old Jacuzzi tub..) and we had to check out. It was a sad moment. On the way home we stopped at the Vermont Country Store and Tractor Supply in Walpole (sexy I know...). We tried to have lunch at Burdick's but we missed their lunch hour so we just got some chocolates instead... aw shucks! We had lunch at this little barbecue joint on the way home that was yummy and then we rejoined the real world at home with the kiddos.

It was a really good weekend and we had a nice combination of us time and alone time together. It's was good for us I think to have some time to reconnect a bit. And we have definetly decided we need to get a hot tub!

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