Thursday, March 17, 2011

A week of primping

This weekend for the first time almost ever Frank and I are going away for the whole weekend just the two of us and leaving the kids at home with my mom. I say almost b/c we did leave Xander at a friend's house when we had James and last August we went to a wedding in Ct and left the boys for 1 night with a friend. But this is the first time that we are going for what I would consider an extended stay away from them. I'm so excited that I have been spending the week getting ready! Last night I ended up being put on call at work but since I already had a chiropractor appointment I headed into Keene anyway and after my appointment I went and got a pedicure and painted my toenails fire engine red! It was heavenly to have a little bit of time for myself. I never did get called in last night (which for me is somewhat miraculous) so then this morning I was able to run down to the salon in town. They didn't have any morning appointments open but I made an appointment for this afternoon then went home and dyed my hair to cover my gray- sadly I have more gray than brown in the front these days.... I took my nap and then before I went to work got my hair cut and as a bonus she even styled it into an updo for me. Apparently I have a lot of breakage in my hair from constantly wearing it in a ponytail so she wanted me to see there were other ways to get my hair out of my face without a ponytail holder! Then I stopped in Keene before work to get my eyebrows waxed! It's like I am a whole new woman- will my hubby even recognize me tomorrow?!?!? Hopefully....

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