Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Today was a pretty busy day. We started the morning with Gym and Swim. The boys are so funny and so different when it comes to this. Xander is typically running from one apparatus to the next at full speed trying everything and James just moves calmly between things often just laying down on the mat and watching the other kids for awhile. You'd think he was a total mellow fellow but really we know better. The same is true for the pool- Xander is jumping and splashing and swimming entirely independently (but with a floaty) and I can barely get James to even kick his legs- he just likes to float! Today was a practice run for my mom b/c the 23rd I have to work during the day (gasp...) for a training day at work and mom is going to take over gym and swim for the day. I think she felt more confident before the practice run than after... at least now she knows where the Y is. After class we made a run to The Knitting Knook in town b/c we always have to run to the yarn shop when Nan is visiting. I love local yarn shops (LYS)- they are so cozy and fun and there is so much beautiful yarn to look at but the LYS with both boys was a bit much for my patience! I did get some lovely yarn though... After the Knitting Knook we hit McDonalds for lunch of the way home- Xander was quite content with his chik'n-n-fries (yes it is all one words...). James fell asleep on the way home but Xander unusually only dozed and didn't seem to really want to take his nap when we got home.

Shortly after we got home Naomi and Reba came for a visit so I guess all things considered it wasn't a bad thing he didn't nap but I was worried that he would be cranky, luckily he wasn't really. So we had a lovely afternoon playing. Read more here. We even all tramped out to the barn to visit the animals and discovered a new baby! Sometime this afternoon Boop delivered a pretty little white female lamb! Not sure how the black mama and the black daddy had a little white lamb but I have given up trying to predict the color of anything- heck look at Xander!

After our visitor left we packed everyone up into the car and headed off to Ash Wednesday Mass, which for some bizzaro reason is one of my favorite masses of the year. I have no idea why but I just like that one! The kids were pretty good- Xander was zooming his "racy car" up and down the pew but he seemed to be bothering me more than anyone else! They both fell asleep on the way home and it was a quiet end to a nice, long day.

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