Thursday, March 31, 2011


Last night James started puking. I was hoping that he would be spared since it's been 2 days since Xander got sick but obviously that wasn't the case. I think it was better when they were sick at the same time b/c all week I have one sick and one rocketing around bored b/c no brother to play with. I hate it when they are starting to feel better but not 100% yet b/c that is when the whining really comes out...which combined with me not sleeping more than 2 hours straight in days doesn't go well together. I'm so tired.... James finally fell asleep for good at 2:30 and Xander was up at 4:30. I told Xander he had to go back to sleep and after much whining and pacification with a granola bar he did fall back alseep. It's been a really rough winter in terms of sickness. This is our 3rd bout of stomach bug in 6 weeks! Our daycare is actually closed for the week b/c everyone is so sick. Hopefully that is a good thing and we can come out of this forced quarantine germ free!

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