Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Yarn Along

So I have recently become knitting obsessed! As long as I can remember my mom has been a knitting fanatic and she has tried to teach me many times over the years and while I managed to master the basics I never had the time, patience, or interest in really learning or applying myself. I think I maybe finished one very short scarf in all those years. Then after Xander was born and we started cloth diapering I wanted some wool diaper covers for nighttime b/c Xander was such a supersoaker- the problem being that they cost an arm and a leg and I couldn't afford them.... but I could knit them! Hence a new crafty obsession was born... Then as the boys have gotten older I have found it very difficult to find time to get into my sewing room- basically they both have to be sleeping and at this point if they are both sleeping I probably am to! But with knitting we can go outside and they can play and I can sit and watch them while knitting... I can watch TV with Frank while knitting... the lists goes on. So I have several friends , especially among the Diaper Divas, who blog about knitting. One of them led to me to Small Things where Ginny blogs about reading and knitting- two of my favorite things. So I thought I would join along.

Brave New Knits is a pretty interesting book that has a lot of beautiful patterns in it. I'm particularly in love with the origami shrug and the milk maiden pullover. I must focus on finishing a few things that I already have yarn for before I get too carried away with big projects like those- but it is fun to dream. I have to take that book back to the library today and it is probably a good thing b/c otherwise I might convince myself I need some new yarn! The knitting is a skirty I am working on for a friend's daughter. I don't have any girls of my own so I have to satisfy the need to make cute girly things for my friend's girls!

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Swanski said...

I started knitting like crazy when I was first pregnant almost 21 years ago and I haven't stopped. Have fun knitting!