Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Stomach bug hits again...

Poor Xander he just looks so miserable! Both boys have diarrhea now and have had intermittent vomiting episodes- luckily Xander managed to make it to the bathroom and puke all over the floor and not in my bed so that is a blessing... sort of! Xander has been trying so hard to make it to the potty but he hasn't always been sucessful. Both of them have wicked diaper rash but Xander- OMG I don't know how he is even sitting in the picture his butt is so bad! By this evening he was refusing to sit. I think the diarrhea had a reaction with the pull up or something b/c his behind literallly looks like he has been whipped! Copious slatherings of desitin have helped but ouch! Once the diarrhea subsides a bit we'll let him run around bare butt!

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