Tuesday, March 29, 2011

just one week please...

Is it too much to ask to have one week when one of the kids isn't sick?!?!? Monday night Xander refused to eat supper so I let him sit on the couch for a bit while I got James cleaned up. Of course he then proceeds to vomit all over the couch and me! Ugh... So we all took a bath together and tucked everyone in. He woke up again about 10 and vomited again and then was up several more time int he night with diarrhea and vomiting. And of course he was upset and not feeling well each time he woke up so he was crying which then in turn woke James up. Fun times... this morning his temp was 101.7... and he was pretty much a lump. He seemed much better after his nap and definitely had more energy and even ate some supper so it amazing the resilience of these little guys. James, other than having his sleep interrupted, doesn't seem to be sick at all. I am feeling totally wiped of all energy and ability to do anything however.... Hopefully we can all get some more sleep tonight!

So needless to say we didn't make it to the dentist this morning so we have rescheduled that for the beginning of May. I think we just need some quiet time at home- I'm feeling a bit over scheduled these days! I feel like we are just running from one appointment to the next all the time. I think we will probably skip swimming tomorrow in favor of some down time. We did manage to make it to Xander's Team Evaluation meeting at the Winchester School yesterday afternoon. Basically this was the meeting to determine whether or not the school will find him eligible for continuing speech therapy services, which they did! Once Xander turns 3 he ages out of early intervention so then all services have to go through the school. Because of where his birthday falls it is going to be a bit weird b/c RISE (who we receive early intervention through can no longer give him services once he turns 3) but he won't be eligible for summer school services through the school. We can start him in preschool when he turns 3 but since there are only 2 weeks between his birthday and the end of school it seems a bit pointless to start him in school only to take him out again 2 weeks later. So the plan is that he will start preschool in the fall tues-thurs from 8:45-11:45 and he will receive speech therapy there 2x a week until he becomes more age appropriate. Right now his biggest challenge is in speech intelligibility rather than language acquisition. He is picking up words quickly now but it can be very difficult to understand what he says b/c of his phonetics. But then again by September if his ear issues continue to be resolved maybe so will his speech issues. We have a follow up with audiology in a few weeks to see how well he is hearing these days. But at least we know he is guaranteed a spot in preschool so that is a relief!

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