Sunday, March 27, 2011

More Lambs...

Yesterday we had another new lamb- a little black girl. Which brings out total lamb count to 5 live lambs and 1 stillbirth. It is sort of sad that last year we had 2 ewes who gave us 5 lambs and this year we have 5 ewes who have given us 5 lambs but we have one more to come and realistically Mary probably won't have triplets every year- we can hope though! Right now we have 3 ram lambs and 2 ewe lambs. All 5 of these lambs will probably go for sale. The ram lambs for sure and the ewe lambs most likely b/c Frank only wants to keep ewes that have multiples in the genes and both of the ewe lambs were singletons. Plus then we could keep our ram another breeding cycle and not have to worry about it!
Lambs are just the cutest things ever!

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Reba said...

congrats on all the lambs and your new glasses!

naomi still talks about xander, "baby" (that's james, not sure why he's nameless), the eggs she ate at your house (i've tried to make her egg salad myself since then, but she won't eat it), xander's daddy and xander's mommy, and the sheep baby and the moo-cows and the "yucky."

we will have to come back again soon! what wednesdays do you have off in april and may?

i emailed you margie's sleep thing she did with gaby.