Monday, March 14, 2011

I am a space cadet....

You know when you have those moments when you know you were supposed to do something and you just can't remember what so you blow it off- well DON'T! I worked last night and then I got up this afternoon thinking I was supposed to do something but then I told myself well there isn't anything on your calendar so you must be making it up. So then I went about the rest of the day until 6pm when my friend E. called and said aren't you coming over tonight for dinner? What a dunce! I felt like a complete idiot for forgetting... they were waiting dinner and everything. So lesson to all my friends and family out there; If I am supposed to be at your house or be meeting up with you and I am more than 30 minutes late and you haven't heard from me I FORGOT so give this space cadet a reminder call please!

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